Volume 1, #2
YUNE:  SUCK  MY  ----

Go Falcons!


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NCAD is Adult Erotic Fetish Fiction, usually one short story per issue, under the theme of diary / journal entries of an academic community.

Warning: Erotic Fiction For Legal Adults ONLY! NCA is not affiliated with any actual school, organization, or person anywhere, in this or any other universe, with a similar or exact name.

All characters are of legal consent age. 

book cover NCAD Yune: Suck My ----- by Neale Sourna

short story

Vol 1, Issue 2 -- 

Yune: Suck My Kiss

_3677 words

        “Of age” basketball jock Yune gets his stone hard, young Korean American cock sucked by a first time knob munching, K.A. church virgin, while his favorite, bespectacled, brown-skinned teen goddess secretly watches, and then later he’s sucked off by a classmate’s red-haired, society MILF mom.

        What a great birthday week he's having! 


        "LOL, my friends. My best enemy's mom's been munching my nuts, so, I'll have to give a certain captain of the team's sluttin' mom a happy mouthful.

        "And, at my birthday party, in private, almost, little Amy, my supposed Korean church virgin's gonna let me devirginize her throat, while I let wicked, little Miss Laila, the goddess of my heart, watch, and smile, as her rival gets a sore throat and a delicious and hot, cum pie facial surprise."


Individual short story.

Fellatio with voyeuristic exhibition, a humiliation cream facial, and a moth-erly deepthroat, and yes, gulp, mom swallows.

book cover North Coast Academies' Journal 1 by Neale Sourna

short stories compilation
including YUNE: SUCK MY ----

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hot excerpt from
YUNE:  SUCK MY  ----

        Ah! I love havin’ my dick sucked. This older bitch really knows what the fuck she’s doin’. Not like Amy “The Virgin Clinger,” who’s got it in her valedictorian seeking head that we’re goin’ to be together forever.

        There’s worse.

        Her parents love me and think me and the Aimster are goin’ into twin careers at Microsoft or Google, makin’ fat, happy, and brainy Korean American babies. Me and their sweet, forced to go to church daily and double for “Gilmore Girl” Lane’s skinny, four-eyed Korean cousin.

        That is boring, worships – my – ass – and – the – ground – I – shit – on Amy.

        Marry her? Breed with her? Spend all my life to the very gray end with Amy?

        No fuckin’ way. Not this K.A.

        No clichés for me. I’m gonna street board to pussy and riches. The Gravity Games have come right here to nearby Cleveland for the past few years now. Thanks, Mayor Jane.

        Or maybe I’ll take my game pro to the NBA. Pro basketball, I can do that. I’m 6’2¾” and still growing, with fast feet, broad shoulders, and a phenom, nearly error-proof free throw.

        Or maybe I’ll just be sexy in Hollywood; if K.A.’s Rick Yune and John Cho can be handsome, romantic actors kicking James Bond’s ass and eating “American Pie,” so can I.

        I’m a good actor. My proof? Amy’s parents love me.

        Call me Yune, after the actor, ‘cause I look like him, not because it’s my real name, which it isn’t. Laila nicknamed me. Pretty Laila changes everything and everyone to please herself; think of her as Halle Berry Jr. and THE hottest hottie in school.

        Understand that Laila ain’t got the biggest titties and she ain’t no slut, but there’s not a guy in class, learnin’ or teachin’, who’s got a dick that loves pussy, who doesn’t want to remove those cute gold metal framed glasses and stick her to the balls. Or the tonsils.

        “Oh, fuck.”

        Goddamn, this PAEB [Parents Education Advisory Board] mom can suck some damn crazy dick. A red haired, red lipstick wearin’, ballbreakin’ cocksucker. Nothin’ like Amy. I mean, I got off with Aims and all, but the quality of suck and high level of creativity is not the same.

        Mrs. C swallows.

        But, before I tell you that, this is how I got Amy to go down.

        Milady Laila was at my birthday party, one of the few affairs she’s gone to. Her dad’s a total Nazi about that shit. Always afraid, she’s gonna end up with her little tartan skirt jacked up over her round, brown ass, with one or more of us eager hard dicks jackin’ her hairy, sweet, virgin pussy.

        Laila and I’d danced, a slow dance, nice and tight. Amy was not pleased. She normally doesn’t get out much, either, but her parents’d definitely let her out of bible class to be at my party.

        Remember, they think she’s my future.

        Screw that and Amy, I had Laila and was on a fuckin’ cloud, dude.

        I knew she felt my swellin’ dick pushin’ up against her belly, ’cause I felt her grind up against me. A wicked little bitch and knows it, uses it. Her poor daddy does not—or maybe does—know what he’s got in his black/red and white, biracial baby girl, and keeps her home. What I wouldn’t give to have the wireframes off and those huge, brown eyes, at crotch level, starin’ up at me, while those perfect rosy lips wrap ’round my fat knob....

            [LOTS more as young Yune gives inexperienced Amy her first throaty taste full and her first faceful, and a certain hot, redheaded MILF drinks young Yune dry.] 

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