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NCAD is Adult Erotic Fetish Fiction, usually one short story per issue, under the theme of diary / journal entries of an academic community.

Warning: Erotic Fiction For Legal Adults ONLY! NCA is not affiliated with any actual school, organization, or person anywhere, in this or any other universe, with a similar or exact name.

All characters are of legal consent age. 

book cover Laila: Cozy with Daddy by Neale Sourna

short story

Vol 1, Issue 1 - 

Laila: Cozy With Daddy

_7857 words 

        Brainy, multiracial, private school virgin, Laila Mariah Deever, is “of age” now and chooses to seduce her handsome, middle-aged stepfather, Ross, for her first sexual encounter.

        This “of age” fiction includes budding valedictorian Laila’s first wet dream featuring lesbian wet cunnilingus; her first voyeurism with her first masturbation; her first brief taste of cum and fatherly first fingerfuck, her first dirty talk, and most definitely her very first all out incestuous father-daughter fuck. Happy cherry-picking!

        Whoo! Those overachievers.


        "OMG, I've been simply dying to have my Daddy, he's been so sad with Mama, the bitch, ALWAYS gone. He's so cute, and so hot, and so everything every girlfriend, female teacher, and PTA lady I know wants; but Daddy's all mine.

        "Or will be, when I show him what I bought to wear, just for him, until he takes it off me and shows me how to take his huge thingy inside me and make him happy, really happy, in his bed, while she's away."


Individual story volume.

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book cover NCA Journal 1 by Neale Sourna

Laila: Cozy with Daddy 

NCA JOURNAL 1 is Adult Erotic Fiction, the compiled short stories from: 

  • Volumes 1 - 3 of North Coast Academies' Diary;
  • including  LAILA:  COZY  WITH  DADDY.

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excerpt from LAILA:  COZY  WITH  DADDY

         Alice was doing adult stuff Daddy says I’m too young to do with boys. Or girls. Or with myself, alone. Stuff he knows some kids my age do, “wh-which isn’t w-wrong, exactly, Laila,” is how he puts it, before refusing to discuss it further, except to say, “You can ask me anything, Laila. About s-sex. I don’t want others teaching you. Teaching you the wrong things. It should be m-me teaching you—.”

        That’s when he always gulps then pinches and bites his lips shut. Daddy doesn’t want to think of me, or anyone, touching me, like that. I was alone with Alice, who swears she doesn’t look like that plumpish, spunky Dixie Chick, Natalie--but she does. We were alone in the girls’ gym locker room, she was lying on a towel over the wood bench by our lockers, stark naked, except for gym socks, sneaks, and her gold crucifix.

        Alice was touching herself, so I looked closer, smelling her, as her dark, painted nails of her long, pale fingers disappeared in and out, in and out, covered in glistening wet, muskiness, as she parted the soaked platinum blond, curly pubes, pulling back and revealing flushed, deep pink--.

        Alice was rubbing, pinching, inserting, writhing, moaning--.

        J. H.! I couldn’t bear it. I actually licked Alice’s juicy pussy, and loved it! She kept writhing against my face, smothering my in plump, musky, hot flesh, and tart juice, juice, juice. I kept getting it in my nose. Then, I felt Daddy behind me, his naked, hot skin on my naked skin, his hard and thick--.

        Fuck! Sorry, my stupid alarm abruptly woke my burning brain, but my body remained hot, sweaty, and . . . slippery, as I started my school day.

        As you know, I’m Laila. Laila Mariah Deever. What you don’t know is that I’m multiracial (African/Native American and European American) with shoulder length, medium auburn, thick, wavy hair, large root beer brown eyes with gold wire frames [I’m nearsighted and don’t care for contact lenses.], and cream tan skin. 5’3”-ish and 104 lbs. Straight A’s and Valedictorian frontrunner.


        Let’s face it, shall we. Daddy Ross is gorgeous. Not quite classic handsome, his face is too interesting for that, it’s a great and fantastic face with lots of sexy good structure and character in it; the most perfect, mixed silver and black wavy to curly hair; tiny laugh crinkles; and a superdashing, black mustache and beard. And a body to make you certain you want to do outrageous sin, day and night.

        And I completely belong to him, of course.

        He’s my real Dad, no matter what Momma and the birth certificate she showed me says. He adopted me and loves me. Genetic Sperm Dad is an ass wipe. Period. Momma dated them both, simultaneously, before I was born. Which is kinda huge old ew! and slutty!, especially since the really queer and creepy thing is that they even kinda look like brothers, explaining why people often think Daddy Ross is my genetic dad.


        Daddy was still comforting me, as if he didn’t need a huge hug himself, too, but I stood still as marble, though, ’cause he was bulging—his cock, I mean—right against my belly making me feel achy below and all hot, humid, and slick between my thighs. It’s a thing a girl notices. A thick, hardening cock pressing into your belly? Even a daughter notices.

        But is it really wrong to, y’now, notice?

        And to like it? A lot.

        I could lie and be all PC, but I won’t. I want my Daddy’s beautiful cock.


        We had dinner and stayed over at his brother Stan’s. The half brother. My half step cousin, Taffy, who’s a few months older than me, had fallen asleep once we’d stopped talking and giggling; intense red curls, just like her father’s, except without that shock of silver white he has, all in her green blue eyes with the long red lashes lying against cream toned, fresh scrubbed skin. The noisy hot tub under her open window’d lulled her out immediately.

        Silly wench was like that at camp too, could sleep through a tornado. The tub noise kept me awake.

        Plus, I was trying to overhear, as Uncle Stan and Daddy talked about Momma being “gone all the time,” and Daddy asking Uncle Stan about whether he thought I was “old enough” to something something.

        “Old enough” for what I couldn’t hear. Then it happened.

        Daddy got out, to get a beer, and there it was, dangling between his hard, athletic and hairy thighs, dripping torrents of water, a black patch of hair at its root. He was entirely, most definitely, definitely naked! So was my uncle! Two cocks!! Nads too! As the boys at school call them. Fuzzy red-haired ones, fuzzy black-hai-- . . . .

        Daddy stretched the full length of his powerful body, entirely on display within the high wall enclosed backyard, before grabbing a beer, then returning back to the tub.

        He has a really great ass. Other’s’d said so, but now I really got it.

        Back and front.

        I squeezed my thighs tight together, until my hip joints hurt, watching, for the first time, the two most important men in my life sitting naked on the tub’s edge.

        Uncle Stan came inside to bed, while Daddy stayed, dangling his legs up to the knee in the bubbly water; so I saw him touch it. I reached into my pink cotton panties, so I could do like Alice’d done in my dream, touching my dark auburn hairy slot. It was swollen and wet and needing to be touched. Touching myself felt good. I rubbed myself wetter, for the first time ever, fingers slick and musky, while I watched Daddy leisurely stroke himself.

        My Daddy’s cock hardened and rose up utterly thick and tall. I’d never seen anything like that before! Not in full view. Just PBS type vids where it’s a heat sensitive photo in unnatural human colors, of a cock hardening and standing, but it’s not a real view, eye to naked flesh.

        Our sex non-education is a total joke. School’s way too strict, Dean Prude and the so-called city fathers and mothers, like Mr. and Mrs. Cross. I need to know this! About cocks!

        Daddy wasn’t stuttering, all embarrassed, now; he was showing me, teaching me—like he’d promised—about sex, with his fantastic, big cock in both hands.

        Y’know, I need to say, I really do love the word “cock,” it is such an explosive and powerful word, filling one’s mouth with so much . . . potential.

        Daddy stroked the length of it, sometimes rubbing its fat head, and massaging his testicles, I mean nads, too. I never knew men did that. No one tells you anything truly useful.

        Like I’ll ever need the Monroe Doctrine and iambic pentameter on a daily basis.

        Taffy abruptly turned over, sticking a long, bare leg out from under the covers, frightening me all to Hell, before realizing she was still asleep, so I resettled, pulled off my panties, stuffed them under my fat pillow, then, as I watched him, I tried slipping a finger inside me, like Alice says she does, like she did in my dream, as I pretended my nail polish free finger was Daddy’s long, fat cock, but it hurt, my finger hurt me; I was too tigh--....



        Dean Prude, in Sex Ed'd, never mentioned this. Left out all the useful stuff, completely. My Daddy stopped! He stared at me and I couldn't read his expression. I can always read his expressions.

        "D-Did I do something w-wrong, Daddy?"

        I was panting, like I'd been running, while lying on his bed flat on my back!

        "Laila, have you been like this, with any boy, or girl, I don't know about?"


        "You have a toy, Laila? Do you have a sex toy you've used, and hidden from me?"

        Alice and her mom had those; stunned, I just bucked my eyes wide and shook my head, like a silly little, clueless baby.

        He nodded, pleased with my answers, then shed his robe.

        J. H.! He was much more huge up naked close. My childish eyes must've been saucers.

        "Don't worry about my size, Kitten. You'll fit me perfectly, once I get you ready. Jesus, Little Baby, you know, you've been on my mind, every moment, awake and asleep, since you watched me jack off at Stan's."

        Gosh, he had called my name, then! His voice went husky now.

        "Touch me, Baby."

        I did. Hot skin, strong, hairy arm, hard chest, hard nipple, harder stomach, all lightly covered in varying thicknesses of the softest, black and silver silky fur, leading down his flat belly to--.

            [LOTS more when Laila begs her Daddy Ross to educate away her virginity.]

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