Volume 3, #1
[includes #3-1.1, #3-1.2, #3-1.3]

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NCAD is Adult Erotic Fetish Fiction, usually one short story per issue, under the theme of diary / journal entries of an academic community.

Warning: Erotic Fiction For Legal Adults ONLY! NCA is not affiliated with any actual school, organization, or person anywhere, in this or any other universe, with a similar or exact name.

All characters are of legal consent age. 

book cover 3 Sex Views: Ross, Laila, & Sascha by Neale Sourna

3 short stories

Vol 3, Issue 1 

3 Sex Views: Ross, Laila, & Sascha

_16,337 words 

        3 HUGE, hardcore stories for the price of just 1!!!  A short story complete trilogy sequence of male teen voyeur sex, masturbation, and virginity; incestuous and willing rape; and a girl's first incestuous anal.


Vol 3, Issue 1-- 3 Sex Views: Ross, Laila, and Sascha [16,337 words]

            Vol 3, Issue 1.1 -- Sascha: Laila's Classmate-Public Parking, Sex Squared [8289 words] Laila has public sex with her dad and her friend sees her; then she gives her virgin geek friend a sexy treat!!

            Vol 3, Issue 1.2 -- Laila: Smarty Schoolgirl-Daddy's Willing Little Slut [3711 words] [single edition BANNED by Amazon Kindle!] StepDaddy Ross rapes Laila, and she loves it, then asks for more.

            Vol 3, Issue 1.3 -- Ross: Laila's Stepdad-My Daughter's Anal [Asshole] Cherry [4337 words] [single edition BANNED by Amazon Kindle!]


Individual story volume.

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book cover NCA Journal 1 by Neale Sourna

NCA JOURNAL 1 is Adult Erotic Fiction, the compiled short stories from: 

  • Volumes 1 - 3 of North Coast Academies' Diary;
  • including  3  SEX  VIEWS.

PRINT  BOOK  and  EBOOK [epub, pdf, kindle]

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hot excerpts from
(grouped & singles) 

1. Sascha: Laila's Classmate--Public Parking, Sex Squared [8289 words] 


        ...Ms. Laila, with her gold, delicate wireframes eyeglasses, and tight little, Halle Berry-ish but prettier face and biracial tan-skinned body with that intense, round ass, at 104 lbs, almost 5'3".


        I did feel a little wrong, by watching, but let it wane, 'cause there was so much more to see.

        I've watched Mr. Deever before, not at sex, but because he's fascinating, and because he's a smart but scary guy, a dangerous man, and more dangerous dad, who's overprotective of his sweet daughter and vigilant about keeping everyone out of her little panties, but she wasn't wearing them now, was she?

        So, I watched big Mr. Deever watching his daughter, leisurely riding up and down on his cock, as she slowly opened her Peter Pan collared, virgin white school blouse for him, revealing a pure white, lacy bra.

        In a few seconds, he'd expertly scooped her pert, little titties out of their cover, without taking the tit-sling loose, and was teasing mahogany brown aureoles with the black hairs of his thick mustache and goatee, then his hard, red tongue, after making the relaxed nipples tighten up fast for him, he began kissing and sucking on his own daughter's hard, brown little titties, with their perfect round, puffy areoles.

        And, boy, did she love that.

        "Laila has little girl's tits," a girl at school said repeatedly, until she got slapped by Laila's best friend, Alice. Well, Laila wasn't acting very little girlish, she was cock whoring, like the teen girls in the videos I download; teasing and begging for it, for him to, well, do what he was doing.

        This was so fucking outrageous!


        Laila's gorgeous head of wavy, shoulder length, medium dark auburn hair bobbed up and down, and my dick was in her mouth, and I finally felt how fucking delicious it FEELS to have her lick and suck and mouth-fuck me out of my mind, with such wonderful lips, tongue, gentle teeth; yeah, those wonderful little hands on my nads, then that luscious mouth devouring my bags, devouring me.

        I get it now. I fucking get it, now!


        Then, it got more fantastic, when she gave me a dream fuck, like in the movies; up against the wall, her brown thighs open for me, as she pulled me to her, belly to belly, her school kilt pulled up, the fabric crushed between us, and she guided me, after I fumbled, unable to relocate her slippery vagina.

        I slipped inside her, and....

NCADv3n1.1_Sascha INCLUDES:

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2. Laila; Smarty Schoolgirl--Daddy's Willing Little Slut [3711 words]


        I fought him, but Daddy's stronger than me, Mr. Literally - Pounds - Metal - Almost - Everyday. He's blacksmith strong, as we lay cattycornered, with me just plain cornered on my bed, and panting for breath, unable to free myself from his iron-strong grip. His greater weight held me down, pushing me into the mattress, my pink robe open, with his nude, hairy and hard male body lying on top of mine.

        Daddy held my slender wrists over my head in one large hand, before he forced my slender, round thighs open with his harder, hairier ones, and then he felt with his other hand between my clean, pussy lips.

        He kissed me hard, without kindness, then forced his tongue in my mouth, as his fingers rudely assaulted my freshly cleansed, girl sex parts, in search of ready moisture, which came not long after he stared me in the eye, like a dare to scream, before bowing his head down to my sensitive nipple, to roughly circle his pink tongue around my walnut brown areole, making my tit harden and stand tall for him, and then he gnawed on it.

        And it felt like my entire body was suddenly in my breast, in that needy tittie in his vicious, hot mouth.

        "Oh, Daddy."

        I drenched his fingers, with liquid lust, right at that moment, and he grunted with the satisfaction of controlling my body, as I tired of wiggling to be free, and couldn't be, didn't want to be.

        So, I went limp, unable to escape him, waiting as he continued sucking and gnawing ruthlessly on my tittie, and fingering my cunt with his long, thick digits, massaging my clit, while pushing his fingers inside me, too, up to the last knuckle, fingerfucking me, driving me insane, until he removed them long enough to suck my hot sex juice off his drenched fingers.


        He didn't stop or slow anyway, and that was fine, 'cause I really didn't want him to.

        Then, Daddy hissed in my ear, hotly telling me who and what I am.

        "You fucking ... heartless ... little ... whore. You're mine! Your tight little cunt's completely mine! Only mine."

        Oh, my poor Daddy. I'd abused his feelings, and he was punishing me, for playing the skank; reclaiming me, because I'm his whore, I'm my Daddy's eager, little, teen whore, and had only been his whore, since I'd given Daddy my virginity, my pussy cherry; until I'd given Sascha some fresh and ready cunt.

        Daddy's so big, and strong, and intense.

        It was so deliciously frightening! And exciting! Being pinned beneath Daddy's hard bodied lust! And he has such a great body, everyone says so, and it's all mine.

        Or, rather, I was all his, and his fine, mad cock's. Daddy was mean, now, ruthless; as his cock fucked hard into me and hurt me, but I liked that it....

NCADv3n1.2 Laila; BANNED by Amazon Kindle! [single edition], INCLUDES:

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3. Ross: Laila's Stepdad: My Daughter's [Asshole] Anal Cherry [4337 words]


        ...Daddy, it was the yummiest, what you did to me. I couldn't move or fuck back, and you kept at me. I tried to pussy suck on you and hold you tight inside me, like we both like so much, but you were so ruthless and fucked me inside out.

        "And I wanted more and more and MORE of you, Daddy, inside me, banging me to mush, in that fantastic and wild...."


        I'd heard her—.

        Hadn't I?—and thought:

        "My god, I've corrupted her so much that she really is a cockwhore, whose pussy I could give away to friends and sell to strangers, like I sell designer swords, in magazines and online.

        "Headline, dirty old fucks: 'My daughter's hot, teen pussy, loves it all! In every hole, and every way! The nastier the better! And, she cums.' "

        I squelched that heinous thought!!

        "Laila, you.... You should.... You can call the cops...."


        Laila bent all the way down, fantastic legs opening, as she presented her fine ass to me, doing a fine little stripper's take of taking off her little see through panties, to fling them in my face, leaving her completely bare, except for her wireframes, the little tee which'd fallen back down, and the delicate necklace she's worn since the first second I'd given it to her, a long time ago, for no other reason than for being a fantastic daughter, who loves her daddy, as she now pranced before me, showing off her sweet, eager assets.


        "No, Daddy," Laila giggled. "I have another cherry, see? She turned like she was modeling shorts, except that she was completely bare assed, and parted her high, plump, naked and brown asscheeks with her little fingers, like opening the halves of a delicious buttered bread roll, and I could see the reflection of the slick ass lube she'd squirted into her bowels, and that limned the tight meat ring circle of her welcoming little shithole with reflected light, like a goal; a fucking cock target.

        Her last, unsavored and untried cock ring hole of seduction and delight, in devotion to her beloved parent. It'd fit me perfectly, once I reshaped it. And it spoke to me.

        "Slip me on, Daddy. Come on, Big Daddy, jam it in me." My little girl wagged her ass back and forth; begging for my....

NCADv3n1.3 Ross; BANNED by Amazon Kindle! [single edition], INCLUDES:

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