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book cover Tad: The Switch-hitter, His Twink, and His Teacher by Neale Sourna

novella / long short story

Vol 4, Issue 1 

Tad: The Switch-hitter, His Twink, and His Teacher

_22 horny chapters, 25,139 words total 

        Gorgeous, biracial, bisexual rich kid, Tad, is of age and about to graduate soon. He gets whoever he wants, male or female, and he has a relentless hard on for his English professor, Dr. Hupper, whose magnificent black cock Tad's already stuffed down his eager, tan-white throat and given hand jobs; but, youngster Tad wants serious, naked alone time with his favorite teacher's ebony body.   

        While fellow student senior, Quen "the queen," a blonde twink, whose smooth and hairless, boy toy ass virginity is reserved for Top Tad. Bottom boy Quen's in love and dying to be Tad's lover; humiliation required, because that's what Quen loves.     

        So delicious top Tad has a plan to switch and will get BOTH of his conquests in one bed, all completely naked, with himself sandwiched between Quen's sweet bottom and his top teacher.


        Mutual handjob masturbation, in classroom, with teacher, after school, with hidden class-mate voyeur Quen the queen twink watching; mild humiliation, as a teen Top gives his teen Bottom final permission to whack off, then lick cum off the scuffed class floor-yuck!;

        An invitation to a favorite professor's sex hideaway for a little fuck fun, with black cock in biracial (white / black) teen student's tan ass, raw sex;

        A surprise for teach is teen Top bringing his teen twink Bottom, who gets his first ass filling, sucks his Top's tan cock in front of prof and then gets to be bottom layer, on his back, of a three-way male sandwich of white bread ass, thick tan meat, and long, black cock.

        Plenty of cock sucking and sucking cock, assfucking, ball banging, and squirting, creamy cum!

        These naughty boys put on a great show and are insatiable, even when they're fucked red raw, they want more, in the shower, in the car home, in the garage with the Top, his Twink, and his hard cocked Top Twin.

        Plus, a couple of hot, golden showers (urine sex, piss sex) and a sexy real shower or two.


Individual story volume.

HOT excerpt from


        Kissing and worshipping my favorite teacher's favorite appendage with lavish, lascivious attention made him moan with pleasure.

        "Did you clean it for me, Tad?" I paused only long enough to slur my answers to him from around his generous dark meat.

        "Yes, sir."

        "Are you touching your cock, Thaddeus!" The English lecturer's tone was back and, oops, I was touching my prick.

        Fuck! I fucking touch it all the time, within the parameters of good and civilized manners, of course. Mom and Dad would kill us, Twin and me, for anything less.

        "Yes, sir."

        "Did I give you permission?"

        "No, sir." I removed my hands out wide, like a prisoner showing he had no weapon in hand, as I continued my love of his mouth-watering appendage.

        "Boy, that's my cock, too, between your thighs; only I can touch it or give permission to touch it. Your gonads are mine, too. Do they ache to be taken?"

        "Yesss, ssirr."

        "Look up at me, Tad, with those pretty, bad boy eyes of yours. How badly do you want to feel me stretch you wide, feel my fat, long cock deep in your young, tight ass, shoved all the way up into your flat belly?"

        I had to empty my mouth to speak; slurring "yes" is one thing, but slurring other words is something my English Lit professor will not like.

        "Bad." I corrected my improper grammar and added a descriptive, and a word for respect. "Aching badly, sir."

        He smiled a little one-sided, with his unspoken thoughts, as I sucked him back into my mouth, like a vacuum, and slurped on him again with renewed enthusiasm. I was going to get his cock shoved up me, soon. He'd be ready to stop torturing me and give it all to me. His scent said so, as it sharpened and sang out his need and craving for me; the hardness of his cock and tone said so; the fucking, hard ache in my own equipment said—.


        Like as I said, I've had black cock shoved to the hilt in my ass before and Dr. Hupper knows that; so no one can accuse him of devirginizing my young, teen asshole, because another man, an older middle-aged man's long, fat, black cock with his hairy balls banging hard and heavy against my body, already claimed my ass cherry.

        And his son's fat cock, next. But, that's another ... tale.

        Dr. Hupper pushed all the way in to the great fat hilt of him, and then fucked in and out of me, seeming to be testing how I felt to him and just how I took him inside me.

        I never lie to him, but I'm sure he's had many teen liars, both male and female, come to him and swear they were virgin, if they thought he wanted inexperienced, or that they were well-educated in ass love and cunt love and throat and hand love, if they believed that they'd get him that way, instead. Losers.

        He's the kind of man who chooses, not you.

        You can only put yourself on display and encourage him. Give him the opportunity, showing him, you adore being too close to him. Don't mind when he "accidentally" touches whatever is intimate on your person. And then does so, again, to see if you're afraid, or welcoming.

        Now, I have his cock naked and to the hilt in me, where he and I both have wanted him for so long, as he stirred himself around in me and I grasped him from within.

        "Uhm," Dr. Sanders Hupper, expert in things literary and wordy, grunted with approval, an oddly Neanderthal thing for my award-winning English professor to do.

        He normally can quote Shakespeare and others of that kind with my hand on him; he especially likes to torture me with quoting or explaining sonnet technique, when he's buffing my cock, with his large but elegant, black hand, so gentle but strong, commanding, as he demands answers about Shakespeare's Dark Lady.

        However, he himself is much less articulate, whenever he's sheathed deep in my greedy gullet.

        Hm. His silence was complete right now, though, with just his athletic breathing in time with his fuck strokes. So, that's what makes the man utterly speechless. My asshole stuffed to the rim, with him. His arm slipped down around me so he could...


        "Mr. Cross, this amusement, here, as always, is just between you and me."

        "Yes, sir. I know. But, Quen wants me to fuck him so bad. Badly. Everyone knows that. You know that, sir. He wouldn't care if the entire school watched me yank down his pants, in assembly, or bang him on the center courtyard green.

        "And when I'm done, after I've done whatever I want to him, he'd pull his school dress trousers back up and tell them all, who saw him get it hard in his tight, white ass, whatever I tell him to say.

        "He's a total Bottom, sir, my ass cunt bitch; he's entirely my Bottom, practically my slave, which I know he aches in his pink, hairless balls to be. There's no concern, sir; I'll be in the middle, taking his brown cherry; so, he can never say you did anything to him, even if you do. 'Cause I won't permit him. But, I—."


        My inferior, my fellow classmate, slim Quen, warmed to the matter, instantly with delight, to see me so close, completely naked, and smelling of man sex, as I led him through the kitchen into the dining room. His tight, faux leather pants tented, and then nearly ripped apart at his inseam and zipper when beautiful Dr. Hupper and his naked black rod came into view.

        I petted and gently squeezed Quen's eager offering—but not too hard a squeeze, I didn't want him shooting off just yet; especially, if his skinny jeans hid the rocket explosion from view.

        I petted the boy all over his body, as I peeled his jacket and tight clothes off his slim body, for Dr. Hupper's viewing, revealing Quen's nearly completely untanned, hairless, white skin with the "girl pink" nipples, as we call his nibs in school, where some of the guys find his nipple color "disturbing."

        Oh, yeah, I think that's pretty funny and indicative of some kind of fear of possible latent homosexuality or latent bisexuality or whatever. Personally, I always thought his rather large aureoles looked tasty and something I'd love to jack cum on one day, if not today. This evening we had so much to do, in so little time.

        I'd tugged down his skintight pants and undies, his white ass even whiter than the rest of his so damn white skin, then took the boy's stiff pink love toy in hand. It was already maddened to a soft purple.

        And it would be clear to anyone, if they'd been in the room or just outside a window peering in through the heavy and drawn draperies, that nearly swooning Quen was "putty in my hand." Hard putty—a generous amount of it, for such a little guy.

        Dr. Hupper came to us and I released Quen and pushed him, stumbling with his clothes tripping him, to our teacher, who slid his large black hand down the boy's white, hairless belly, the pale skin turning rosy red with easy lust wherever we touched. Then, Dr. Hupper felt around Quen's young and eager cock, without....


        I was nearly breathless with wanting to please my teacher.

        "Middle of the bed, Quen; present your asshole," I barked.

        Quen jumped to my bidding, promptly, as usual, even for small tasks, like "sharpen my pencil, take my chewed gum covered in spit in your palm to the trash, and chew it before you toss it," and stuff like that.

        My eager supplicant was on all fours, knees wide and elbows down, blonde head bowed, too, pink cock and tender, hairless balls dangling from the pretty pink crevice between his pale asscheeks.

        Virgin territory, all of it. His pink, hairless pucker—this kid waxes everything, ouch!—was stuffed full with an asshole stretcher, a butt plug, textured and rosy tan in color. He'd clearly gotten himself ready for taking fat, live cock for his first time, so he wouldn't clutch and whine about the man's greedy girth being too thick and lengthy long.

        Good thing. A pristine and pretty tight ass like his, a man might not stop beaming him with pole, just because little Quen was begging, "Please stop, you're hurting me, you're too big and wide and long," and whatever kind of shit; especially, not after he'd been after the man to pork him to the nuts pretty much all the fucking time they've known each other.

        I grabbed the heavy duty lube, and when he felt my weight on the bed, he reached back with both hands and parted the fart sea wider for my trek into his virgin hole of darkness. I slid the penis-shaped ass plug out and tossed it near Dr. Hupper, who read aloud what was etched in gold repeatedly into it.

        "Property of Thaddeus Cross." It was the custom-made gift I'd sent Quen with a note to insert it, while presenting his ass to my view, in front of his window, light burning bright, so I could watch him insert "me" into him late night, while my twin Tyb slept, a few nights back.

        The butt plug wasn't as wide as me, although it was made from a mold of my precious junk; it was a scaled down model that wasn't meant to replace me or stop my insertion pleasure into his snug, warm scabbard. It was just a warmer upper promise, to open him for something bigger and better, something a lot more energetic, more alive, masculine, and demanding, so I wouldn't have to take all that time to finger and coax him open.

        There was no way I could guarantee any patience for all that gentle and unhurried virgin training shit, with Dr. Hupper and his black whopper waiting to have me, again.

        My gift to Quen was for his safety, or he'd have real rough trade, shaped like my real cock, raping his untutored ass.

        And besides, even without my favorite teach's hard cock wanting me, Quen'd been wagging his tight, white ass in front of me for so long now that I could never give him any assurance of any patience in deflowering him, even if we'd been totally alone, just Quen and me.

        Virgins. Of both sexes. They do slow down the fun, with all that crying about "it hurts."

        It wasn't going to be like that when I finally took Quen. It'd be just pull out the trainer plug and replug with my asscork dick.

        He'd loved my gift and I'd really enjoyed watching Quennie, the Twinking Queen Dance Show, as he'd danced in front of his window completely naked for me, pink cock bobbing about, as he'd kissed my tan gift, licked it, like it was me, sucked on it, fucking worshiped it and even swallowed it so deep, that I'd thought I'd have to call 911.

        And then, he finally lubed it, bent over and stuffed it all the way in, all in one motion, centermost in between his narrow, white asscheeks into—.

            [LOTS more when Tad and and his Twink begs their Teacher to teach them how to please him.]

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